Sunday, August 20, 2017

Teatime on the Road

 Driving to California alone I knew there would need to be
stops along the way.
The Teapot on Wheels is just off the I-5 highway I would be traveling;
so reservations were made for tea in Gold Hill, Oregon.
What a delightful stop,
just what any tea lover should do on a road trip down the highway.
 How fun to see Jan and Denny's teashop and tearoom.

 But there was more to the shop than first seen;
there was a patio outdoors for those perfect days.
 And the gardens were wonderful with the trellis corridor and walk to the river.
 Just the perfect setting for a bride and groom.
 Then we sat at the beautifully set tea table.
Jan and her two grand daughters savored the bites and sipping the tea.

 The food was prepared perfectly and delicious too.

 So if you ever find yourself traveling down the I-5 highway
definitely take a break to savor the day and sip a cup of delicious tea.
Still traveling, but couldn't wait to share teatime at The Teapot on Wheels.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tea with Friends

A week ago there were tea friends in town and we
celebrated the gathering with tea, of course.
There were adventures out and about,
from Lan Su Chinese Gardens to Smith Teamaker's shop.
Laughter ensued as we did imbibe much tea.
The lotus blossoms were quite beautiful at the gardens;
so I just had to share one with you.
This is Julia of Bingley's Teas in Minneapolis, MN.
She stayed in my home and it was JOY to get to know her better.
On the left is Robert Godden of Devotea in Australia.
He and his wife were visiting Portland for the soul purpose
of drinking tea with friends.
On the right is Geoffrey Norman, tea blogger extraordinaire,
from the Portland area.
On Sunday afternoon we celebrated their visit with
a WuWo Tea Ceremony.
What a joyous occasion,
one I wish you all could have been there for.
Each of us in the circle was served
and then we sat in silence and savored the flavors
of each special tea.
Of course with tea we have snacks.
For this special gathering there was pie and other goodies to share
in the gardenhouse.
Iced water was in the urn, as it was a very hot day.
I didn't take a picture, but we even had wildlife to share with our visitors.
A raccoon had set himself above our heads in the big tree in the garden.
I do hope you are enjoying the outdoors of summer
with special times with friends.
I believe this is the best part of summer time,
time with friends, fresh food from the garden,
and delighting in the out of doors.

Note:  I will be traveling for the next week and a half,
so if you don't see your comment posted right away;
eventually it will show up.  I will be posting, but more sporadically.
Come by and see where I am along the road.
I love sharing stories with you.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Walk with Me - Off to the Farm

This farm I have visited before.
It is a special adventure I do a couple times a year with my grandson.
How he loves visiting here.
He tried to catch one of the little turkeys in the back,
but without success.
While he played with his cousin,
I walked through the new apple orchard.
How fun to see the apples ripening in clusters on the branches.
The sun was bright that day, but still I walked.
In among the apples I found the farmer pulling the weeds.
While one worked, the other one sat in their spa to cool off.
Yep!  That is Felicity sitting in the water.
What a fine pair the are.
They keep the weeds under control right there in the apple grove.

While the farmer pigs do their work, the little boy, August, is off
selling his eggs.  At the moment of our visit and walk in the
apples, he was busy playing with my grandson.
Oh the pair of two 4 year olds together on the farm is pure delight.

So this was my walk last week.
A walk with two 4 year olds and two very industrious pigs.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Dinner at the Farm

Have you ever had a farm to table dinner?
If not, search it out at your earliest convenience.

Last week Kruger Farms on Sauvie Island was the destination.
Just under that oak treat we joined others on a hot,
sweltery evening for dining and pleasant chatting.
This is the third year my "live-in gardener" and I have
ventured out to Kruger Farms.
The meal is always delicious and this year was no disappointment.
But the best part is meeting others that are looking for dinner under
the oak tree with other food loving people.
Each year we have met people from other parts of the world
or from other states.
I ask how they found this special dinner on their travels
and they tell me they go online, finding it there.
Isn't the internet amazing when it comes to connecting
in positive ways with others?
This year on one side of us was a couple from England
and the other side were four young women from St. Louis, MO.
Just a glimpse because I was too busy visiting
and eating Ahi Tuna, salad, roasted corn, veggies, bread,
panna cotta with fresh fruit.
A Delightful evening under the moon.
Yes, that little dot in the sky is the moon.
 For a hot summer evening, I can highly recommend
dinner on a farm.
Happy weekend, dear friends!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Summertime and the liv'n is easy.
Well that is what I always think when we get to summertime.
Why do I think that, when everyone gears up to come visit'n, 
playing, and enjoying the outdoors?
Several pies have been made for visitors.
Tea has been sipped.
Oh! It has all been fun,
but you may have noticed me missing here.
Last weekend there was tea friends visiting,
tea in the garden, then adventures with my grandson.
Tomorrow is the last day of day camp at our church
and I am helping with crafts.
Soon I will return to my regular schedule, 
but first an adventure to California next week.
I will be ready to be home for awhile once the adventures
and summertime is completed.
In the meantime, carry on and enjoy Summertime.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Walk with Me to the Sea

Last week it was 106 degrees in Portland, 
so an escape to the sea was planned.
When our grandson was born I knew one day
I would take him to Gnome Beach.
Wednesday was it.
Our family has called this special place
Gnome Beach since our children were small.
Can you see why?
Gnomes for sure live in those trees.
Then as we reached the sea one more climb took place.
With the hike to the sea we finally arrived.
It was about 90 degrees and still warm;
but splashing in the waves helped our spirits soar.

This is my favorite beach in Oregon.
Welcome to Oswald West State Park and Beach.
It is one place that brings me JOY to walk to and from
and then along the waters edge.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friendship Tea

Friendship Tea

Either for a lifetime or
Just a little while,
Some people need many friends.
Others need just one or two
Honest souls to walk with them
Along the way.
Whichever I am to you,
Or you are to me,
Let us take tea and
Enjoy our marvelous company.
by Earlene Grey
(Susan Patterson)

Happy weekend, dear friends!