Monday, January 23, 2017

Walk with Me - Warning Political

 Delights of the Heart is about being positive
and noticing the small JOY's of life.
If this offends you, I am sorry;
but for me this was a positive, life affirming walk.
 How else can I see it, for I was given the opportunity to walk
for the rights for all women around the world.
We came from every walk of life and gathered in peaceful 
demonstration for what we believe in.
 The day was rainy, but still close to 100,000 gathered
in Portland, Oregon to voice peacefully and with love.

And yes, some of us wore pink hats to make a point
and carried signs.
My sign came from the poem I quoted here not to long ago,
I Rise.  On the other side it said Be the Light.
 Many stood under that bridge for over an hour waiting to start.
I was thankful to be able to stay dry during that time.
And then it began.
When we came out from under the bridge and looked up
it was amazing to see how many stood above us too.
I was so impressed by those that walked.
We were surrounded by love and only good will.
 They were everywhere.

 One of the sights I walked past in downtown Portland.
In the back ground you can see the throngs and
behind me were as many as in front of me.
 There were touches of pink everywhere you looked.
Men walked with their friends and partners.
Families and children walked.
Grandma's and grandpa's walked.
We all walked in one accord,
to make our world a better place.
And even this seal had something to say with his pink hat on.
Walking definitely takes us to different places
and many amazing sights.
Walking is part of my world now
and I will continue to walk.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Curiosity and the Cat

Setting up a photograph for the class I am taking, Joey was very curious.
It was flowers down where he could reach them.
He sniffed and ran,
the pictures were just a blur of cat fur.
I put one of his favorite toys up on the stool
and that caused him to pause long enough to snap a picture.
Oh the curiosity of a cat!
It will capture them in a pause.

Sometimes curiosity can capture us also in a pause,
a time of noticing what we notice and stopping for a moment
to take in our surroundings and enjoy that very second in time.
Do notice, do pause, and do savor and delight,
for this too shall pass.

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weakness for Flowers

Time for some JOY.

As a young girl, I loved flowers.
I am not sure where that love came from,
but I would pick bouquets of dandelions
because often that was what I could find in the garden.
Now dandelions are under rated for sure
and really quite wonderful you know;
especially when a little child brings a bouquet to someone special.

I just have never found a flower I don't like.
There was a time when I wasn't very impressed
with calla lily's and now I have a patch in my garden
and adore them.

Do you love flowers?

I must have flowers in my house at all times.
So above, the flowers in the pictures, is what is in my house right now.
I just couldn't resist photographing them as they just sing to my heart.
The pink ranunculus was in a full bouquet from the market.
It is the remaining bloom after more than two weeks.
The tulip is from the market just a week ago. 
And two vases are full of paperwhite bulbs since before Christmas.

Are there flowers in your indoor garden, even in your heart?
They just make a winter heart so happy and lighten the day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Icy Dark calls for Tea

January Night

Wind has buckled on his skates;
He is cutting figure eights.
Hear the swishing of his strides
As down he swoops and up he glides
Across the smooth and icy dark
Where his runners leave no mark.
Hear his huge and hearty laughter!
See his white scarf swirling after!
Wind has buckled on his skates;
He is cutting figure eights!

~Kitchen Sonnets, by Ethel Romig Fuller

Can you just image this ice skater with his white scarf flying, swirling in the wind?
Such imagery in just a few words.
There is an "icy dark" that surround us in the midst of winter. 
To tell you the truth, I am tired of it now.
It is beautiful for awhile, but then it can go away.
Today we are expecting a layer of ice added to our snow.
There is hope for tomorrow,
as it is suppose to begin warming.
Then there will be an abundance of water.

Are you tired of hearing me complain and share pictures of the white stuff?
I am!!!!

There is a pot of tea sitting here and I am sipping to sooth my soul.
In my cup is Steven Smith Teamaker's limited edition Wuyi Whiskey full leaf black tea.
It is a robust tea, just the thing called for on an icy day.
"A delicate, full leaf black tea smoked with pine needles, then scented
in a Westward Whisky barrel to impart oak, caramelized sugar and bright notes
of whiskey."    Normally I don't add a splash of milk, but this one I think is
made all the more special with the milk.  Quite perfect for the "icy dark".      

Monday, January 16, 2017

Walk with Me - A Snowy day in my Neighborhood

 This week's walk takes us through my neighborhood.
On Thursday my "live-in gardener" and I decided to walk to the market,
which is 12 city blocks from home.
 We spied a leaning snow man just down the street.
 Christmas still hanging in this tree.
 A cap on the fire hydrant.
 This pretty tree.
 A carriage waiting.
 There were chickens inside the hutch.
 A pretty house.
 And many treacherous trails along the sidewalks.
Thankful, YES, we stayed upright.
 A little welcoming birdhouse.
 Kennedy School had a snowman too.
 On the return trip we stopped at Kennedy School.
Now you might think by the name that it is a school.
Once upon a time it was an elementary school.
It sat shuttered and boarded up for some years and
then it was rescued and turned into a B&B,
restaurants (lanterns in the above picture are here), 
gift shop, and movie theater.
We love having it in the neighborhood.
 This is the outdoor seating,
which is lovely in the summer months.
So even on a winter's day, there is walking.
Feeling proud of myself for walking in the snow and ice.
I must keep walking.
Walk with me!

Friday, January 13, 2017

I Did it Myself!

I am a "I did it myself" kind of girl.
It was quite fun to shovel this walk to our front door.
I did it for the mailman;
though we haven't seen him in a couple days.
Still "I did it myself"!
That is a strength and a weakness all in one person, me.
It is hard for me to let others do for me
and it is hard to accept with grace.
Grace was my word some years ago
and it taught me some lessons for sure;
but there is something so freeing to me in 
being able to "do it myself".

Happy weekend, dear friends!
Go out and delight in each day.
Take pride in yourself and do it yourself,
but know when to accept with grace the help from others.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tea Delight Forgotten and Found

Tea time in the snow doesn't happen often in my part of the world.
What fun to make a trail to the tea table in the garden.
It was time to play in my sort of way.
The snow wasn't very good for snowmen,
but for tea time it was perfect!
Gingerbread cookies from the freezer were the added delight.
Then there was tea.
The tea was from Harney & Sons, Thurbo 2nd flush Darjeeling.

My haiku for the day

Oh little tea tin,
I forgot you were in there.
Revealed, Delicious!

Yes, I forgot I had this tea. 
It got buried in my basket of tea.
What a treat to sip a lovely Darjeeling in the midst of the snow. 
A black tea so simple with just the delight of springtime from India.
A gift of the sun.

Now if only I could find the lid to my teapot,
it is lost in the snow.